Going for Green

5000 Trees

Earth Day is just around the corner and our USA Women's 7s Players are about to launch a national, interactive tree-planting initiative. With our "Going for Green" event, you can spark the planting of trees through exercising. The more miles ran, biked, and/or swam, the more trees planted. Help us encourage healthy activity among our fan base and make a tangible contribution towards solving the climate crisis - a WIN-WIN!

  1. Get Active! Walk, run, bike, swim, lift... all of the above!

2. Join our team with team code: RUGGFG on the Active Giving app.

3. Share how many trees YOU planted with your workout and recruit your friends to help.

Join us on the Active Giving app starting 4/20/21! Team Code: RUGGFG

Thanks to Our generous Sponsor!

Ecore Athletic provides surfaces that are defined by performance for sports, fitness, and student recreation. And we're as committed to you as we are to the environment. This dual accountability drives us to produce thoughtfully innovative Ecore flooring products and to make the most heartfelt sustainability promise — to you and to our world.

The App

The Active Giving app is a digital fitness app that enables exercise to contribute to environmental projects. For this event, it will allow a platform for our team and the larger rugby community to record exercise and watch our tree planting initiative grow!

The Charity

Eden Reforestation Project reduces extreme poverty and contributes to decarbonization by employing local communities to aid in global reforestation.